Traditional Chinese Medicine therapies are directed towards moving Qi and blood relieving stagnation, the cause of pain, muscle tension, decreased function and movement. Acupuncture needles, heat, friction and cupping are applied to the region and meridians responsible for the health of the area afflicted. Acupuncture treatments administered by a qualified Acupuncturist is very different to Dry Needling. Dry needling offers short term relief and does not address the underlying cause of symptom deficiency or excess.

Pottsville AcupunctureChinese Medicine uses organ patterns to help describe processes and relationships within the body. Kidneys are the main organ system governing the lower back, within that system is a paired organ the Urinary Bladder. From a TCM framework Chinese Medicine identifies imbalances within the Kidney and Bladder Meridians, energy channels that run through the specific region of the lower back. Therefore, Chinese Medicine treats patterns not conditions, examination consultation and palpation of the client will help identify what pattern is being presented and form a diagnosis. Integration of the client’s Tongue and Pulse help form this diagnosis providing treatment before these imbalances or the underlying causes become Western diagnosed conditions.

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